Sabbatical Leave for Academic Staff Policy

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This policy defines the purpose of Sabbatical Leave for Alphacrucis College (AC) academic staff and outlines the eligibility criteria and procedures for application.


All academic staff


Sabbatical leave is intended to encourage scholarly pursuits that benefit the individual academic staff member and AC. Sabbatical leave releases an academic staff member from regular teaching and administrative duties for a period of time for the primary purpose of research and scholarly work. Generally, sabbatical leave will be given for an academic staff member for post-doctoral research with approved KPIs or outputs (such as book chapters, academic journal articles, or book publications); however sabbatical leave may also be approved to incorporate conference attendance and/or postgraduate study to complete a higher degree.


Sabbatical leave is not an entitlement, but applications are assessed on their individual merit. To be eligible academic staff should:

  • have been employed by AC for at least six years of service in an academic appointment on a fixed contract;
  • have demonstrated consistent and acceptable research activity in the previous three years;
  • present a well structured case for research leave including a detailed description of the proposed research and expected outcomes which will benefit the faculty member as well as AC;
  • have not been on probation due to unsatisfactory conduct, performance or misconduct.

Length of Absence

The following options are available:

1. After completion of six appointment years of full-time service (or equivalent):

  • Two semesters (12 months) at 1/2 salary; or
  • One semester (6 months) at full salary.

2. After three appointment years of full-time service (or equivalent): One semester (six months) at ½ salary

Notwithstanding the above, where an academic staff member applies for a sabbatical and the leave is delayed due to college requirements, with the approval of the Vice President Academic, the next six year qualification period for a subsequent sabbatical shall be deemed to have begun immediately (excluding the time subsequently taken for the sabbatical).

Return of Service

A member of the academic staff to whom any such sabbatical leave has been granted shall agree to return to the College on the expiration of the leave and remain in its service for at least one year thereafter; and the College, on its part, shall agree to retain the academic staff member in its service for the period of one year after the faculty member's return.

A person who has been on sabbatical leave shall, on the termination of the leave, make a report to the Research Committee concerning the nature of the studies, research, or other work undertaken during the period of absence.

Additional Conditions

No one to whom a sabbatical leave with pay has been granted shall be permitted, while on such leave, to accept remunerative employment or engage in professional practice or work for which pecuniary compensation is received. This prohibition, however, shall not be construed to forbid a faculty member while on leave from giving a limited number of lectures at AC or doing a limited amount of work. It also shall not be construed to disqualify a part-time academic staff member on sabbatical leave from obtaining normal part-time work separate to their responsibilities at AC. Nor shall the prohibition be interpreted to forbid the acceptance by a faculty member, while on leave, of a scholarship or fellowship carrying a stipend for the purpose of study, research, or scientific investigation or the acceptance of a grant of money made for such purposes, provided that the acceptance of the grant does not impose on the recipient duties and obligations the performance of which would be incompatible with the pursuit of the general purpose for which Sabbatical leaves are granted.

Responsible for implementation

Deputy Vice President - Research and Standards

Key stakeholders

All academic staff


Sabbatical Leave for Academic Staff Procedure

  1.  The applicant for a sabbatical must first receive recommendation from his/her Supervisor or Dean of Faculty.
  2. Research Committee then reviews the application package. The evaluation shall include whether the leave will further the professional development of the applicant and whether it is in the best interest of the Faculty, taking into account the prevailing fiscal circumstances.
  3. If recommended by Research Committee, the application is then tabled at Executive Committee and Academic Board for approval. To be successful, the application must receive approval from the Academic Board as well as the Executive Committee.
  4. In addition to the salary compensation, academic staff on sabbatical leave may request up to $3000 to facilitate travel, research and other sabbatical expenses. The Dean of Faculty, in consultation with the Vice President Academic, will distribute these additional awards subject to the availability of allocated funds and funding of the faculty member’s responsibilities.
  5. In accepting a sabbatical leave, a faculty member shall sign a statement indicating that s/he is aware of and that they agree to all conditions of the leave as specified herein.
  6. Upon completion of a sabbatical leave, a faculty member shall file a written report of scholarly activities while on leave, to be tabled at the Academic Board and Executive Committee.