First Aid Policy

Fact box


This policy outlines the responsibilities and procedures for the provision of first aid at Alphacrucis University College (AC) delivery sites in order to prevent further danger, preserve life, stabilise the condition and/or comfort the ill or injured.


All delivery sites


First aid is defined as the initial care of an ill or injured person. The AC Workplace Health and Safety Committee ensures the following for all staff, students, volunteers and site visitors across AC campuses:

  • provision of and ready access to adequate and appropriate first aid equipment;
  • trained first aid personnel, information and resources;
  • appropriate training for Department Heads to ensure policy compliance;
  • emergency procedures and equipment are in place for high risk activities;
  • regular review of first aid compliance and incident reports;
  • corrective action is implemented for all incidents and accidents involving first aid.

The Workplace Health and Safety Committee assesses the level of risk with regards to the first aid equipment required at the workplace in accordance with the relevant government legislation.

Persons in charge of field trips or professional experience placements are responsible for:

  • conducting a risk assessment to ensure appropriate first aid equipment is provided;
  • determining the need for and level of training for first aid personnel;
  • ensuring the First Aid Incident Report Form is completed if required.

Responsible for implementation

Vice President Operations

Key stakeholders

All staff and students


First Aid Procedure

In the event of a first aid incident, the first aid personnel primary responder will:

  • locate the first aid equipment and provide first aid, as required;
  • arrange prompt and appropriate referral to external medical professionals or emergency services (e.g. ambulance) where the needs assessment exceeds the first aid officer’s training, or in the event of loss of consciousness;
  • liaise as appropriate with external emergency service (e.g. ambulance) and provide information regarding the current situation, assessed needs and first aid administered;
  • if appropriate, accompany the injured/ill person to a hospital or medical centre until treatment completed and both return to site on the same day, or when a family member/friend can attend the hospital/medical centre. Travel expenses are reimbursed by AC. For instances outside normal office hours, time in lieu may be arranged with the relevant supervisor;
  • complete the First Aid Incident Report Form and submit to the Workplace Health and Safety Officer.

All staff, students, volunteers and site visitors are responsible for reporting all work place injuries and illnesses to their direct supervisor within 48 hours.

The primary first aider will:

  • keep an inventory list of the contents of each first aid kit, and check, maintain and restock every six months, as well as restock any kit used in the event of a first aid emergency;
  • ensure staff and student handbooks and inductions include the location of first aid equipment and first aiders;
  • ensure emergency floor plans include the location of the first aid kits and procedure for administering first aid is clearly communicated;
  • ensure that secondary first aid officers are available if required.