Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy

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  • Policy owner: Human Resources Department
  • Policy category: Management: HR
  • Policy status: Approved
  • Approval body: Executive
  • Endorsement body: Executive
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  • Last amended: 20th Dec. 2022
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The purpose of this policy is to outline principles and procedures to ensure permanent staff recruitment and selection practices are consistent, merit-based and aligned with Alphacrucis University College (AC) mission and strategy.


All permanent staff.


AC is committed to an equitable, systematic, timely and consistent approach to recruitment and selection in order to attract, select and retain permanent staff of the highest quality. Consideration will be given to the applicant's skills, knowledge, qualifications, experience and ability to meet the position's requirements.

AC Principles of Recruitment and Selection

  • open competition on the basis of merit, applying the principle of achievement relative to opportunity;
  • adherence to principles of transparency, equity and equal opportunity for all candidates;
  • alignment with the goals, objectives and values as defined in the AC Strategic Plan;
  • encouragement of applications from candidates meeting the selection criteria;
  • treatment of all candidates equitably, with respect and courtesy;
  • assurance that selection procedures are efficient, timely and effective;
  • maintenance of applicant confidentiality; and
  • compliance with all applicable legislative requirements and obligations (e.g. police check, etc).

Responsible for implementation

Human Resources Department

Key stakeholders

All staff and students


Staff Recruitment and Selection Procedures

Position Preparation

  • The relevant supervisor (such as Department Head or School) shall conduct a review of the need for, and the requirements of, the position, funding, and organisational structure. Requirements should align with the AC principles of recruitment and selection.
  • In consultation with the Human Resources (HR) Department, a position description is developed or reviewed, using the AC Position Description Template.
In some circumstances appointments may be made without advertising:
  • where a staff member is being redeployed;
  • where a position requires highly specialised expertise and where the supervisor can certify that a high calibre candidate or candidates have already been determined;
  • where the appointment is for one year or less;
  • in extenuating circumstances with the approval of the President, Vice President Academic or Vice President Operations.
The HR Department coordinates advertisement of the position, in consultation with the relevant supervisor. The advertisement shall comply with AC’s policies, in addition to any requirements imposed by federal immigration and state and federal employment authorities.
Selection Committee
A Selection Committee is convened with a minimum of two members. The chair of the Selection Committee must be someone who has the authority to appoint a candidate, and will usually be the supervisor of the advertised position. The selection committee should seek to attract a pool of applicants with an appropriate gender balance.
The selection committee shall:
  • normally have at least one representative of each gender;
  • be used for all stages of the selection process, except where not viable;
  • comprise of members who hold positions equal to, or above, the level of the vacancy;
  • understand the nature of and selection criteria for the position;
  • encourage members of employment-disadvantaged groups;
  • be responsible for short listing, interviewing and appointing applicants;
  • maintain applicant confidentiality.
Processing Applications
All applications received by the closing date are to be registered and filed by the HR Department. Late applications may be accepted at the discretion of the chair of the Selection Committee. Applications are confidential and no person outside of the Selection Committee should have access to applications without the approval of the chair of the Selection Committee. The HR Department acknowledges all applications in writing no later than seven days after the closing date for applications.
The Selection Committee is responsible for:
  • determining interview questions (applicants must not be questioned in a way that implies, or could be taken to imply, unfair or discriminatory attitudes to the applicant's age, sex, marital status, sexual preference, family responsibilities, racial or ethnic origin);
  • conducting interviews;
  • ensuring that the questions asked of each interviewee are consistent;
  • verifying the authenticity of a candidates’ qualifications – this includes sighting original documents (or certified copies) in the case of degree testamurs and/or transcripts, related academic awards, and, where relevant, character references, employers’ testimonials, and certification or licences to practice where professional registration bodies are relevant;
  • conducting reference checks;
  • selecting the most fitting candidate for the position. If there is disagreement, a decision may be made by majority vote. If any Selection Committee member is unable to participate in interviewing all applicants, his or her vote may not be taken into account in making the final selection.
Once a decision has been reached by the Selection Committee, a written offer of appointment is made to the successful applicant. The recruitment procedure will be finalised only if and when the successful applicant accepts the offer. A representative from the HR Department informs all unsuccessful applicants.
Once the procedure is finalised, the HR Department shall ensure that:
  • all documents relating to applications are filed and kept confidential for six months and then destroyed;
  • an employee file is created for the successful applicant, including all documents relating to the their application;
  • a contract of employment is drawn up and signed by both the successful applicant and the AC representative;
  • induction and orientation for the successful applicant is arranged.