Community Engagement Award Policy

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This policy outlines the criteria and procedures for conferral of the Alphacrucis University College (AC) Community Engagement Award. This award recognises the achievement of a student, staff member, AC Community Engagement project team and/or alumni who have made an exceptional contribution toward AC’s community engagement objectives, as outlined in the AC Community Engagement Plan.


All staff and students


AC Community Engagement focuses on collaboration between AC with community groups and organisations to achieve mutually agreed goals that advance the AC mission and meet community needs. The purpose of AC Community Engagement is to build capacity, improve wellbeing, and produce just and sustainable outcomes in the interests of individuals, the AC community and the broader community. It serves the common good, particularly for those most marginalised or disadvantaged. These awards will be conferred at the annual AC graduation ceremony. Nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • the activity or project should meet the objectives outlined in the AC Community Engagement Plan;
  • a staff member should have been employed by AC at least one year;
  • a student should have been enrolled with AC at least one year;
  • demonstrated attainment of agreed outcomes of the activity or project;
  • evidence of learning, reflection and growth by the nominee/s through involvement in community engagement;
  • alignment with AC vision and mission;
  • alignment with AC Code of Conduct and Graduate Attributes;
  • supporting documentation provided by relevant community organisations, including at least one written testimonial.

Nominees who have been previously nominated but were not selected may be nominated again at any time. Previous recipients may re-enter after three years if they can clearly demonstrate further initiatives achieved since the earlier award.

It is expected that a staff member undertakes community engagement activities over and above his/her job role. AC reserves the right not to present an Award in any given year.

Responsible for implementation

Chair, Executive Committee

Key stakeholders

All staff and students

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Community Engagement Award Procedure

  1. Staff and students are invited to nominate recipients for the Community Engagement Award. A recipient may be a staff member, currently enrolled student, AC Community Engagement project team and/or alumni;
  2. The online AC Community Engagement Award Nomination Form should be completed by 31st October each year;
  3. Nominations are tabled by the Chair of Executive (or delegated officer) to Executive. Executive reserves the right to seek clarification on any aspect of the application, from the applicant or the nominator.
  4. Executive will choose the award recipient;
  5. The Chair of Executive (or delegated officer) will contact the recipients and arrange for conferral of the awards at the annual AC graduation.
  6. The Award recipient will be presented with the Community Engagement Award which includes $2500 for use in an AC Community Engagement project approved by Executive.