Graduation Policy

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This policy covers the matters related to Alphacrucis University College (AC) student graduation and the issuing of AC qualifications.


All awards of AC.


Eligible to graduate

Students are eligible to graduate from the award in which they are enrolled if:

  1. They have met all the course requirements as prescribed in the award's regulations;
  2. No financial debt is owed to AC;
  3. There is no current suspension or exclusion on their record;
  4. They have not already graduated from that award.

Graduation Ceremony or In Absentia Graduation

Students can apply to have their award conferred at the graduation ceremony or in absentia. Students who elect to graduate 'in absentia' are not permitted to have their award conferred at a later ceremony.

Deferring Graduation

Students eligible to graduate may elect to defer their graduation by notifying the Student Experience Department in writing. The maximum period of deferral is until the next graduation ceremony.

Reporting of Eligible Graduands

The Registry is responsible to record and report the names of all the graduates in a list which is to be endorsed by the Academic Board and approved by Council. The Student Experience Department is responsible to maintain the student records to show who has graduated and become alumni of AC.


For the purpose of this policy:

  • Graduand - means a student who has completed their award and been deemed eligible to graduate.
  • Graduate - means a graduand who has had their award conferred on them by AC.
  • Graduation in absentia - means when a degree is conferred on a student without their presence at a graduation ceremony.
  • Alumni - means the graduates or former students of AC;
  • Confer - means the formal process of issuing a qualification to a student;
  • Testamur - means a degree certificate.

Revocation of award

AC reserves the right to revoke any conferred award if it is proven through student disciplinary or other action that the student is guilty of cheating, plagiarism, or other fraudulent activity and obtained the degree under false pretences. (See Exclusion from a Course or Subject Policy and Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy).

Cumulative Grade Point Average (HE only)

AC uses a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) to measure the academic performance of individual students in order to acknowledge excellence and determine recipients of excellence awards at graduation. This is included on the student’s academic transcript. The GPA is an averaging system particularly useful for calculating outcomes for entry into research programs and cross-program and trans-program transferability. The cumulative GPA will be calculated over the duration of the student’s enrolment in a course.

The GPA at AC is calculated in the following manner: GPA = (4h+3d+2c+1p) / E


  • h is the number of credit points gained at HD grade;
  • d is the number of credit points gained at D grade;
  • c is the number of credit points gained at C grade;
  • p is the number of credit points gained at P and S grade;
  • E is the total number of credit points for which a student is effectively enrolled (excluding units with exemptions or withdrawals).

Issuance of Qualifications

AC will issue AQF qualifications in accordance with the AQF Policy on 'Issuing AQF Qualifications'. This requires that all graduates that have completed a course of study in which they have been enrolled are entitled to receive the following certification documentation upon conferral of the qualification:

  • a Testamur; and
  • a Record of Results.

If available for the qualification, a Higher Education Australian Graduate Statement (AHEGS) may also be issued. The Graduate Statement will include information regarding the language of instruction. If a student has completed a course or subjects in LOTE, this will be included in the Graduate Statement. For double degrees that are uniquely accredited as a combined course, a single testamur and transcript naming the double degree will be awarded. For double degrees that are based on a structural model that permits two qualifications to be undertaken concurrently for a reduced total duration, two testamurs and a single transcript will be awarded.

All Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications will be issued to the student within 30 calendar days from when the student has been assessed as meeting the requirements of the qualification. The student may opt to receive the qualifications at a later date, and through a third party.

AC graduates are entitled to retain testamurs and records of results once they have been issued unless the AQF qualification builds on a lower level qualification and the accreditation of the course of study requires the surrender of the certification documentation.

An academic transcript is a true and authoritative record of a student's academic performance and achievements while enrolled at AC. The information on an individual student's testamurs and/or records of results shall not be altered, other than to be re-issued subsequent to the correction of an error.

All Higher Education awards are conferred by AC Council. A Register of all AQF qualifications AC is authorised to issue is maintained by the Academic Board. Similarly, a Register of all AQF qualifications issued to graduates (Register of Graduates) is maintained by the Student Experience Department.

AC will not issue a Testamur and Record of Results if any fees are still outstanding.

Printing of Higher Education Testamurs

To verify originality, AC has incorporated the following measures into the printing of Higher Education testamurs:

  • Testamurs contain a ‘fine print’ line which reads ‘Alphacrucis University College’ which can only be seen under a magnifying glass and will not appear on a copy;
  • The AC logo on the back of each testamur is printed using thermo-chromatic ink. Rubbing the logo will cause it to temporarily disappear or fade;
  • Higher Education testamurs are uniquely numbered with a control number which can be confirmed with AC.

Responsible for implementation

Quality Assurance Committee

Key stakeholders

Graduation Committee
Program Directors
Academic Board
Student Experience Department

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Graduation procedure

Applying to graduate:

  1. Students must register their intention to graduate by filling out the online 'Application to Graduate' form before the deadline published on the AC website.
  2. Students must finalise and pay all fees/charges or this will result in the graduand not being eligible to graduate.
  3. If the graduand is unable to attend the next graduation ceremony for the conferral of their award, they may request the deferral of their attendance to a subsequent ceremony, collect their Testamur in person after the scheduled ceremony, or request the Testamur be mailed to them after the scheduled ceremony.

Reviewing Student's Eligibility to Graduate:

The Registry will oversee the reviewing of a student's eligibility to graduate and they are responsible to confirm that:

  1. The Program Director has checked the student has meet the course requirements of the award as prescribed in the award's regulations.
  2. The Accounts Department confirms that the student has no financial debt.
  3.  There are no current suspension or exclusions.
  4. They have not already graduated from the award.

Issuance of Replacement Certification Procedure

AC will provide replacement printed Testamur and/or record of study when original printed certification has been lost, stolen, mislaid, destroyed or damaged, after they have been received by the graduate.

Graduates requiring a replacement Testamur and/or record of study that has been lost, stolen or destroyed must complete and submit an application form, with the appropriate fee to the Student Experience Department. If the replacement is required because the original documentation has been damaged, then the damaged document must be returned prior to issue of the replacement. If the original document has been returned, it will be destroyed after the production of a replacement document.

Replacement certification is issued by the Student Experience Department on payment of a fee by the graduate. The word "REPLACEMENT" is printed on the Testamur. Replacement certification are provided for collection either in person or by registered mail.

Details of all replacements are recorded by way of a note in Register of Graduates. 

Graduation Awards

AC will annually grant awards to graduates for special achievement in key discipline areas and for outstanding academic excellence. Details of the awards and their eligibility criteria can be found on the AC website.